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About Us – Nordic Galvanizers is the association for galvanizing companies in Nordic countries. We give information and advice about the hot dip galvanizing process, corrosion protection and related environmental issues. Our members are located around  the Nordic countries, ready to help you with high technical knowledge, short delivery times as well as extensive environmental responsibility. You find them under “Galvanizing plants”. Under the other  links above you find information about zinc and galvanizing, most of it available both in all Nordic languages and in English. Feel free to contact us for further information.


About Galvanizing - Hot Dip Galvanizing is a method of giving long term corrosion protection to steel by means of coating it with molten zinc. It has been around for more than 150 years and has been tried and tested in almost every situation.


Why Galvanize? - The benefits are compelling and wide ranging. It is a tough coating which lasts for many years, is environmentally sustainable and maintenance free.



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Week 30 2015: 22,35 SEK/kg

(Data: Wednesday 15 July)

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Nordic Galvanizers introduce Approved Galvanizer – a certification for galvanizing companies that galvanize structural steelwork that will be CE-marked by the steelwork contractor/manufacturer


Approved Galvanizer means that the galvanizer has completed a certification that is developed for galvanizing companies, and among others has shown that it operates in accordance with the following standards:


EN ISO 1461

EN ISO 14713-2

EN 1090-2 (relevant parts)


Approved Galvanizer has been developed by Nordic Galvanizers, MVR (Mekaniska Verkstäders Riksförbund) and the certification body Nordcert, together with galvanizers and customer representatives. The purpose is to support galvanizers’ customers in the best way and make it easy and secure for manufacturers of steel structures to choose galvanizing for corrosion protection.


By selecting an Approved Galvanizer it is ensured that the quality and procedures during the hot-dip galvanizing is at the right level for structural components that will be CE-marked by the steelwork contractor/ manufacturer.


Our members have started to prepare for the certification and Approved Galvanizers will be available on the market from the autumn of 2015.


Companies that are certified to Approved Galvanizer have the right to use the mark:Read more about other news here