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Nordic Galvanizers Association
(Nordisk Förzinkningsförening, NFZ) is the branch organization for hot dip galvanizing companies in the Nordic countries. Together with the zinc producing company New Boliden, located in Kokkola, Finland and Odda, Norway, the organization run an information office located in the campus area of The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

The service office supports users of hot dip galvanized steel in matters regarding surface treatment, corrosion, environment, education and technique. Other important purposes are research and standardization and to act as an organ where matters regarding surface treatment can been referred for consideration.

Through NFZ we are also connected with European General Galvanizers Association (EGGA) and International Zinc Association (IZA), which means that we have the use of most of the knowledge regarding zinc and its field of application.

The information office gives advices and directions to customers and presumptive customers in matters regarding galvanizing. It is done from the office by telephone, fax and letters and at conferences or place with internal courses.

We also assist in inspections and reclamations within the field.

The information office has published a number of books and brochures, i.e. the handbook "Corrosion Protection by Hot Dip Galvanizing" (in English) and the brochure "How to select steel suitable for hot dip galvanizing". They all give the customer instructions for different situations. From the environmental aspect we have published the book "Zinc - a resource and/or a threat?" (within short in English, too) which is a compilation of facts about the use of zinc and its effect in the nature. Please, see also our literature service.